LADYFEST BENEFIT EVENTS = Part of the proceeds of these events will go toward fundraising for Ladyfest Cincinnati 2015. These events are curated by Ladyfest Cincinnati and feature multi-media art, performances, and activities which echo the collaborative vision of the festival. All Ladyfest Benefits are official and organized by Ladyfest Cincinnati. Find out about upcoming Ladyfest Benefits here.

LADYFEST EDITION EVENTS = No financial contribution is necessary to become a Ladyfest Edition event. These events can be planned by anyone, added on to existing events and are open to all persons interested in endorsing Ladyfest Cincinnati. Ladyfest organizers will lend their support by assisting in the promotion and being at the Ladyfest Edition events! The goal is to raise awareness and show support for Ladyfest Cincinnati, in addition to strengthening the local events which empower feminist artists and musicians. The Ladyfest official logo is encouraged to be used in the promotional materials. If you are interested in making your event a Ladyfest Edition, all you need to do is contact us: or

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